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4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Rosé

Category : Lifestyle · by Aug 26th, 2019

There was a time when rosé was the type of wine that was enjoyed primarily during the summer months. That’s no longer the case. These days, rosé is popular throughout the year. Some experts classify rosé under the red wine category, just a lighter version. You can purchase rosé and store it in wooden wine boxes so that you have a great bottle of wine available all year. The information below will help you choose the perfect bottle of rosé at any price point.

1. Get to Know Different Flavors

Just because wine is made from grapes doesn’t mean you can’t find different flavors. As you become familiar with various rosé wines, you’ll likely develop an appreciation for certain flavors. According to experts, there are some vintages, such as pinot noir, that will taste like strawberries and cherries. There are also cabernets that taste like plums and blackberries.

2. Pay Attention to the Region

The fact of the matter is that understanding the regions where wine is produced can seem complex. This is primarily because there are wines produced all around the world and many regions produce amazing wines. When it comes to rosé, you can’t go wrong when it’s produced in Northern Spain, Provence or Northern California. If you have wine shipped from these locations, look for wooden wine boxes because they are fantastic for both storage and gift packaging. For more information, there are additional resources available at

3. Choose the Right Color

While the color of a rosé won’t dictate whether or not it has a good taste, it can be an indication of its flavor. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that a rosé with a darker color will often have a richer flavor. If you choose a rosé that’s lighter in color, it will taste more like a hint of fruit.

4. Stick with a Sweet Rosé

If you want to act like an expert when choosing rosé vintage, ask the retailer if it’s sweet or dry. Generally speaking, most people prefer a rosé that’s sweet. However, you should be aware that a sweeter rosé will likely have a lower content of alcohol. The type of rosé that’s sweeter is produced around the world, such as Australia, the United States and South America. The versions of rosé that tend to be more tart are often produced in Spain, Italy and France.

While you can certainly choose the perfect bottle of rosé for yourself, if you’re buying it as a gift, you’ll need to find what the recipient likes. They might prefer rosé that’s dry instead of sweet. When buying rosé, don’t forget to pick up wooden wine boxes.