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5 Specific Concerns for Residential Moving

Category : Lifestyle ยท by May 7th, 2019

Most adults move several times in their lives, whether near or far. Some rent a truck and move their own belongings, but many hire a professional moving service. While there are various kinds of residential moving, depending on the home’s size and type of furnishings, a majority of people experience a similar process. However, there are several particular concerns to consider with moving from one home to another.

1. Clothes and Linens.

While it is perfectly fine to pack your clothing in a variety of bags, bins, or boxes for ready transport, some people feel that personal items should be handled by themselves. Similarly, bathroom and bedding linens are usually packed for the move, but they can be moved by the owners if preferred.

2. Draperies and Carpets.

Custom draperies are often left at the old residence, but standard window treatments may be moved to the new location. Depending on how they are installed, they might need to be taken apart and packed in marked boxes for easy identification at the new residence. Carpets are often handled by the professional movers, who use industry skills and packing equipment to ensure safe transit.

3. Built-In Furnishings.

Most types of built-in cabinetry like bookshelves, kitchen nook seating, and cupboards stay with the home when the occupants move away. But handmade items or those holding special memories can be disassembled, packed up, and taken to the new destination. Care should be given when packing such items to mark each piece and keep everything together. Outdoors, a children’s swing set or the family’s picnic table may be able to go to the new place as well.

4. Highly Personal Belongings.

Valuable jewelry, family heirlooms, or expensive antiques can be securely handled by professional movers who are experienced with residential moving Calgary. However, some people prefer to keep items with special meaning or family history with them instead of packing them into the moving van.

5. Rented Equipment.

Many kinds of rented equipment or furnishings, such as television or computer equipment, will be returned to the provider and re-rented for the new location if they are still needed. Medical equipment is typically handled the same way. However, certain types of furniture may be moved with the rest of the belongings and re-registered with the provider for the new address.

If questions arise about these or other items to be moved, consult the moving company in advance. They should be able to advise you how to pack a specialty item, whether you or the moving van transports it. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plan ahead to prevent last-minute anxiety.