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5 Ways To Prepare The Outside of Your Home For Movers

Category : Lifestyle · by Jun 12th, 2019

Many people do not know there are several things they can do to the outside of their home to make the movers job a little bit easier. One thing you will need to know is the size of the moving van or truck that will be coming, so you can get the job site ready. Here are the top five ways to get the outside of your property ready for the movers and their vehicles.

1. Street Parking

If you live in an apartment or do not have a big enough driveway, the driver may have to park on the street. If there is limited street parking or the road is very busy, you may want to make arrangements with your neighbors. Let them know what day and the time the moving company will be there, and plan to block the street parking early in the morning or the night before. You can use heavy boxes and brightly colored tape to section off the area, and write moving van on the boxes, so people will understand why you are blocking off the spaces.

2. Driveway

If the driver can access your home through a driveway, you will want to make sure any low hanging branches are cut down before they arrive. Trim back any foliage or bushes along the path also, so they have plenty of room to open their doors. Sweep and hose down the asphalt the day before. This will help track less dirt into the home, but give the pavement plenty of time to dry.

3. Sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers should be turned off before the move. It is not uncommon to forget about them until they turn on and start watering the crew and boxes, so set yourself a reminder to turn them off and to turn them back on when the time is right. If your lawn tends to stay damp all day, turn the system off the day before the movers arrive, so the working area is completely dry.

4. Gates

Measure the distance between the gateposts, and let the moving company know these dimensions. The posts will decrease the driveway access. The driver will need to know if the truck will fit past the gate. If you live in a gated community, make sure to be ready to let them in or prearrange their access at the entrance ahead of time. For those of you interested, the Matco website has more information available.

5. Animals

Kennel or corral any loose outdoor animals, even if they are friendly. The movers will want to work quickly and free from distractions. Pets can accidentally get in the way or lost in all the confusion. If the moving process is going to take a long time, consider taking your pet to a friend’s house or doggie daycare.