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Four Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Sink From Costing You Plumbing Repairs

Category : Lifestyle ยท by Jun 24th, 2019

The kitchen sink is one of the places in your home where plumbing and drain problems are most likely to occur. That’s because when you’re working with food and cleaning up your dishes and cooking utensils, there’s a lot more waste that can end up going down your drains and ruining your water flow.

Having a reliable sink plumbing Scarborough company you can call immediately is important to dealing with sink drain problems, but so is preventing them in the first place. There are four habits you’ll want to adhere to to keep your sink drains as clean as possible.

1. Do Not Send Any Greasy Food Down The Sink Period

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One of the biggest inhibitors to a sink draining at all is a lot of grease getting stuck in it. Grease and oil already flow slow as it is, and as you might imagine, if they get sent down the drain they can pile up and become all sticky down there. Instead, you you should have greases and oils scraped off and discarded in the regular trash.

2. Don’t Allow Other Certain Messy Foods To Be Ground Into The Disposer

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If you have a garbage disposal line running below your sink and you frequently use it to dispose of food scraps, be careful which kinds of foods you do so with. Egg shells, carrot peelings, potato skins and other similar foods may not be the best things to send down there. If you are disposing of something a little messier, it’s a good idea to thoroughly flush with cold water for a few minutes to get rid of it completely.

3. Check Your Faucet Handles, Aerator And Lines Going Into The Sink Often

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Even in newer well-designed sinks, it’s possible for faucets, sprayers and sink handles to start leaking if a corrosion problem has happened. It could be problems in the kitchen causing it, or it could be lower level problems in the water line that cause corrosion of faucets and their handles. You may need to change out the aerator after several years, or you may need your water lines redone by a professional plumber to get the sink back in order.

4. Don’t Use The Highly Toxic Chemical Cleaner

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The biggest mistake you could make in sink plumbing is using a highly toxic chemical drain cleaning formula. Drains were not meant to be cleaned by toxic chemicals because they usually don’t attack the food particles the way they’re supposed to, and they can cause significant health problems in the environment. If your water flow and drain problems can’t be resolved by any quick fixes you could do, you need to call a professional plumber immediately.