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Top 4 Uncommon Reasons to Call a Car Locksmith

Category : Lifestyle · by Jun 11th, 2019

When you lock your keys inside your automotive, you can call a locksmith to come out and unlock your vehicle. The fastest way to get your car open is to get to the internet, and search for the phrase, “Car locksmith near me.” If you cannot get online, you may have to knock on a trusted neighbor’s door or ask a friendly stranger to make the call for you. This is a common reason to call out these professionals, but did you know there are other ways they can help you? Here are the top four uncommon reasons to call out a car locksmith.

1. Remove a Broken Key

If you break a key off in your car’s door or trunk, the locksmith can pull it out with a special tool. It becomes more urgent if you break the key off in the ignition because the motor may be stuck in the on position or the engine may be partially on, and the lights and other electronics are draining the battery. In this situation, you should contact a locksmith as soon as possible in order to prevent a dead battery or worse. If the engine is on, use the term, “Car locksmith near me,” again because this will help get someone there as quickly as possible. Once the broken key is removed, the locksmith can cut you replacement keys.

2. Replace the Starting Ignition Key Port

Like many parts of an automobile, the key port may wear out. If you have to stop and start your car many times throughout the day, the ignition port may begin to fail. A car locksmith is trained to remove these types of devices and replace them. Each vehicle is different, so each job may require more or less work depending on the steering wheel and dashboard configuration.

3. Electronic Key Fobs

An automobile locksmith can match and reprogram a new key fob to your car if you have lost the original one. Each fob must be programmed to match the vehicle. The technician will also be able to remove the code for the old fob. They will do this so that if someone finds the old fob; it will not open the car.

4. Open The Trunk

In some unfortunate cases, a person slams the trunk only to realize that the keys were still inside. You can contact a car locksmith, and they can open the trunk with minimal effort so that you can quickly get your keys and be on your way. In some vehicles, the locksmith may unlock the door instead if it is easier to access the cargo space from the back seat.